NOBODY gives away more money than America’s Pub Quiz. Join our free league now to play for cash prizes!

The America’s Pub Quiz League runs for a predetermined number of weeks each season (3 seasons per year), typically sixteen weeks. Over the course of each season you may play as many times as you like. Every time you play, you will need to hand your host your “team number” at the start of the game. He/She will then record that number with your corresponding score and we will add up your top predetermined amount of scores (within each league season) for a final ranking. The top-ranked teams are invited to participate in a tournament game where the prize pool is HUGE!!!! Each team can have as many players as you’d like during regular season play, BUT only 6 team members may play in the final tournament game.  Fifteen teams are invited to each tournament location, based on their TOP 20 scores from play during the season.

2018 Season III begins August 5th, ends November 17th; Invites emailed November 18th-ish.
2019 Season I begins Sunday, November 18th

2018 Season III Tournament – Saturday, December 1st
Season III Locations

Murrieta – The Shamrock
Top 15 teams

Twin Cities – TBD
Top 15 teams

Omaha – Varsity Roman Coin & Sports Cafe (Millard)
Top 30 teams in Omaha, Top 10 in Lincoln

Chippewa Valley – Sammy’s Pizza, Eau Claire
Top 15 teams

Fox Valley – TBD
Top 15 teams

La Crosse – Howie’s
Top 15 teams

Madison (West) – TBD
Top 20 teams

Madison (East) – TBD
Top 20 teams

Milwaukee – Mo’s Irish Pub, Wauwatosa
Top 30 teams

Racine/Kenosha – Route 20, Sturtevant
Top 15 teams

Stevens Point / Wausau – TBD
Top 15 teams

Visit again soon as we add more league info, including details of upcoming TOURNAMENT PLAY where you can win BIG MONEY PRIZES!