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Next show Fri Sept 22nd, 7pm
Gibson Social Club Logo

Gibson Social Club

537 N Main St

Oshkosh, WI

starts Tues Sept 26th, 7pm
Buckets Pub 2nd Round Logo

Buckets Pub 2nd Round

Weekly on Tuesday at 7:00pm

2031 Lathrop Ave

Racine, WI

starts Weds Sept 27th, 7pm
East Troy Brewing Company Logo

East Troy Brewing Company

Weekly on Wednesday at 7:00pm

2905 Main

East Troy, WI

starts Sat Sept 30th, 7pm
Forward Craft & Coffee Logo

Forward Craft & Coffee

Weekly on Saturday at 7:00pm

2166 Atwood Ave

Madison, WI

starts Wed Oct 4th, 7:00p
Bilda's Friess Lake Pub Logo

Bilda's Friess Lake Pub

Weekly on Wednesday at 7:00pm

4493 Hwy 167

Hubertus, WI

returns Weds Oct 4th, 6:30p
3rd Street Market Hall Logo

3rd Street Market Hall

Weekly on Wednesday at 6:30pm

275 W Wisconsin Ave

Milwaukee, WI

starts Thur Oct 5th, 7pm
Stone Porch Alehouse Logo

Stone Porch Alehouse

Weekly on Thursday at 7:00pm

950 Kimball Lane

Verona, WI

starts Sat Oct 7th, 8pm
Erv's Mug Logo

Erv's Mug

Weekly on Saturday at 8:00pm

130 W Tyan Rd

Oak Creek, WI

starts Tues Oct 10th, 7pm
Wings and Rings - Meridian Park Logo

Wings and Rings - Meridian Park

Weekly on Tuesday at 7:00pm

6822 O Street

Lincoln, NE

starts Tues Oct 10th, 7pm
Ingleside Hotel Logo

Ingleside Hotel

Weekly on Tuesday at 7:00pm

2810 Golf Rd

Pewaukee, WI

starts Thu Oct 12th, 7pm
Wings and Rings Logo

Wings and Rings

Weekly on Thursday at 7:00pm

3845 Village Lane

Lincoln, NE

What is America's Pub Quiz?

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America’s Pub Quiz is the best live-hosted trivia show that brings a free quiz night to bars, pubs, and restaurants throughout the United States. We are happy to bring fun trivia to family, friends and coworkers. An entertaining evening to be had by all guaranteed. We are so confident in your enjoyment that we aren’t going to charge you anything to play and provide free nightly prizes and regular cash tournaments!

Subject matter is a potpourri of categories, including music, movies, TV, sports, history, and more, with plenty of surprises along the way. A plethora of categories gives all team members their strong subject and ensures the useless knowledge stored away will finally be put to good use. Team size doesn’t matter and there are often prizes for the best team name or funniest wrong answer. America’s Pub Quiz even offers a free trivia league.

Grab your friends, invite that smart guy from the office, and come take a break with some great food & drink at one of America’s premier establishments. We promise, once you play along with America’s Pub Quiz, you’ll be back!