Our Team

Jason Bennett
Wayward expansion
Scott Brouwer
Chief Editor and Western Wisconsin Area Operating Director
Michael Landmann
Owner, logistics, and training
Eric Maixner
COO, Area Operating Director Northern and Central WI, and Editor
Lynn Schneider
CAO, Human Resources, and training
Question writers
Too numerous to count, but a special shout out to all of our hosts who contribute their "wheelhouse" of knowledge!

About Us

We started a local trivia company in the Milwaukee area in 2007 because it was evident that people loved trivia! As much as we would like to take credit for our rapid growth, Milwaukee gets most of the credit. The support our players give to the local bars, pubs and restaurants is truly amazing and gave us the backbone to expand further.

In 2012 and in order to meet the demands, the small local company underwent a rebranding and America’s Pub Quiz was born. We are now hosting a myriad of games in multiple states with our goal being to provide an exciting night for fans and a profitable night for owners.